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Here we present all different ways you can work with us.

Distance sales. Our distance sales is B2B sales. The work is from home and you do it at your own time. The time you dedicate on the work is less important, what is important is the results.

We call companies and offer them Support membership for Project Africa – Refugees. We do not like to begging for money so we want to offer something back. In our support membership we offer advertising space on our website and socialmedia. The space is calculated so it will not disturb the website it self. We offer you good compensation pack + bonuses.  The work is freelance and with experience you should make around 5000 € a month. If you are in Spain you do not need to be autonomo for this freelance work. We use community billing system that give you social securiy and much the same as in any work. You pay taxes and get social security but only pay pay 7% in commission to the accountant. We use Indieprof that being out there for many years and have very good references. Remember that you do not pay anything if you do not earn anything!

We do offer: Leads where to call, a control panel on Google drive, sales support.

You are a freelance and need to have your equippment for to make the calls: Internet, device to make the calls, connect to Google drive and be able to use documents in Google docs.

Remember that work is on commission only and you need to have your equippment and connections  to make the calls. You work as freelance and is fully free to select when to work or not. But we may continue if taking a week without sent any email to any interested client.

The work: You get leads that is always fresh. You get a informative pitch for to build up your own. You call the businesses that you have in the lead page. To call you can use Skype unlimited or similar. If you live in the country where you call the businesses you can easy select an unlimited  prepaid mobile plan. For security reason we publish all callers user name that you use when call. This is for businesses to be able to check that scammers do not call them in our name. You present the pitch that usually take less than one minute to the business you call. You ask for permission to send email to the business. Get persons name and number + direct email address and write all in the online form. The email will be sent out in your user name and with your contact number, if you do not want to use your number you can easy use our central number. You call back the client when you see in the online form that we sent the email to the client. The support membership is in different levels and according to your lead you try to get the client to as high level as possible. Higher level more money for you and help us many times more. Client answer the email with the support membership level that they agree to join. We send confirmation to client and bill. When client paid the bill seller get the commission. If in the form not showing that client paid the bill, you call back the client. Commissions and clients can pay in: Cryptocurrency , EUR, SEK, GBP, USD. And yes it can be mixed payment: Client pay in GBP and you get paid in EUR.  After 5 deals per month we pay your accountings and do all paperworks for free.

Networking: Do you have a broad network of people that search for work. Maybe some of them worked in telesales before. Then send them in and get paid from their sales. Everytime they make money you do as well. You get 5 or 10 or more people to work with us and you have a steady income to live on.

Distance sales leader. Create your own distance sales team. Make your own money from their sales. Or maybe you already are a telesales company.  Get information about our distance sales packet for professionals.

Join us as fundraiser: As a fundraiser you work is to promote our activities and raise funds. This can be that you are a corporate profile with a network of partners or/and collaborators. Or you have a super market, restaurant, bar or business with lots of people coming and going. As a business fundraiser you get your business name and place where people can donate money in our collectors. If you own a super market you may be interested that we have a fundraising event inside or at the super market entrance. Our volunteers could come time to time and collect funds from clients that enter and leaving. This would show that your business care about our work.

Join as volunteer. We need volunteers all over Europe. You can work over internet by spreading our posts and informations. You can work locally in your area by give information to others in person by spreading flyers. Maybe you are also like us an independent charity and work with similar things, then you are very welcome to contact us for possible collaborations.

Contact us on: +34643672696 or

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