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Here are some ways you can support us and other ways we both can support each other.

Donations / Donaciones

BIZUM : 643 672 696

Google Pay: +34643672696

Donations points in these businesses

Thelman pullapuoti. Los Boliches. Fuengirola. 

Join as a support member is the best way to support us!

As a support member you publicity on our website, socialmedia and in our activities depending of your support membership level. Higher level more publicity.

Levels and price in EUR/GBP/USD

Bronze level: 1000

Your name on support members page in text format and with link to a page if wanted.

Silver level: 10 000

Your banner or video banner at upper side of support members page.

Gold level: 25 000

Your banner or video banner on down part of all pages but not at front and news page.

Platinum level: 50 000

Your banner or video banner on front page downside, on all page mid part and on our socialmedia pages.

Diamond level: 100 000

Your video banner or video banner on top of all pages and on our socialmedia header top part and in all our email communications and auto responders. As well video interview with the company. The company can in any moment contact us for to give special offer to all viewers Max: ones per month.

Owner level: 1 000 000

Owner level will be member of the board of Project Africa. Will have full rights to vote for changes and make own commercials where wanted for so long it does not disturb our socialmedia or website images or readibility.

These all is one time payment and valid 12 months from joining.

Send messages / Call / WhatsApp / Telegram: +34643672696

Verified distance sales people or verified telesales companies with us can give own deals.

Verified telesales companies: non

Verified Freelance Distance sales persons: Kalevi Aho. Team Finland


Donations / Donaciones

BIZUM : 643 672 696

Google Pay: +34643672696

Contact on +34643672696 or: email us at