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Unique projects to sale is the solution for the world refugees issue. We all want to stay with our families in our own home if we have that possibility to support our self and families. When we cannot do that many take the step to escape and find other solutions. Trend latest years have being in Africa to escpape to something they believe is better. Many left their own profitable business, work and possition for easier money and life. What most did not know that it was only an illution. Most end up as street sellers on the streets in south europe and others end up in slavery for criminal organizations in prostitution, drugs and crimes. Many organizations concentrate to help refugees to Europe or USA but few take care of them after they come. Many do not get papers and need to be on the streets. Illegal refugee entrance gone up with 150% in 2019.  There is thousands of refugees that want back home but want back home with something better. Here is where Project Africa – Refugees come in. Project Africa – Refugees educate refugees to develope their home villages in their home country by using recycling. We call it recycling for life. Thanks to recycling old plastic bottles thei can create vertical farm in any corner. With old plastic bags or bottles they can create watter harvesters. The education is to learn how to develop their villages but also how to develop their people to do the same and spread the information. For to finance this Project Africa – Refugees started distance sales project. Distance sales project is to sale support membership to businesses.  Support membership is made in different levels and each level will give different benefits to the business that join. The sales can be made in person or as distance sales.

The price that businesses pay to join is between 1000 to 100 000 EUR/USD/GBP. Your company with our license get 40% of all commissions your company bring in.Example if you have 10 distance sales persons that work and call from home as freelancers. They bring in 20 000 EUR/ Month, you get 8000 EUR/month. Commission is fixed and do not changes if you bring in more or less.

The license fee to use: Project Africa – Refugees name and Project Africa – Refugees email and Gdrive system as control panel is 500 EUR. NOW FIRST 10 FOR 50 EUR!!!

Register fast now by email to:

This system will be copied in similar form to Games for Good. Games for Good doing internet games and give the profit to charities, mainly to kids in needs. Idea with games for good is that kids can learn to make games, they have example from 2 kids age 8 and 10 that made games and got paid from the game platform developer. Some of the biggest game developers at the platform making 50 Million USD a Month. Idea is to get many game developers together to make games but also to teach others to make games and together work for better future for childrends.

There is only one license for all and with same license you will be able to sale for both.

Remember to join now, later on fees may go up..

Do you need aditional service as company set up in other country, virtual office or anything, contact us for more info


Do I need to have my office and hire people? No you do not need to have your own office and people work as freelance from home. You are service provider and they who calling is your service provider.

I have telesales company, can I do this with my company? Yes, you can do it with your company!

In what languages do you call? In all European languages!

What hours do you call? In European business hours!

When we get paid? Payment is every month and you bill us fast in our internal mailing!

Is there any basic or anything? No, we only pay for result. Some Latin scammers intented to charge for sent emails, but you do not get paid for to send emails or bring leads. You get only paid for paid results.

Do you bring in leads? We bring you leads source. There is millions of companies and you select the companies that you want to be called!

Do you have education? No, when you have our license you need to make sure that your people know what they do?

Can I use other sales method? All sales method that is permitted by the law is okay to use!

Is it spamminng if we make cold calls? When you call in name of charity and not for to make business is not classed as spam!


First  for Special price!!

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