Welcome to Project Africa – Refugees.

There is millions of refugees that came into wrong path and step into the wrong road. Most because they need food and place to live . Refugees get hired before or just when cross the border direct at the refugee camps and end up as slave leaders or in slavery. Many have during the years of drugs, prostitutions and jail time tired of the life in Europe that did not end up as planned. Some well educated people and high level people came only because wanted a better and richer life for their family and bring all here.  Now they live in garages and tight flats with other refugees and live on selling stuff on the streets. No one of these ever imagine that  the life would be like this when come to the very beautiful Europe.

First contact with Europe is many times horrible. Ower filled refugee camps that made for 5000 and have 14000 refugees. Smaller with same issues.

Project Africa – Refugees work on to help refugees in Europe but also outside Europe. Our main project is to educate refugees and help them back home to develope their country.

Our education program is to do and learn. We educate refugees to use recycling to create life. Example video from Kenya .Ejemplo en Español.

We will help returning refugees in develop their home villages and to make progress. Each returning refugee will get a Title for each progress they made. Idea is with this that there will be ongoing progress for all and that the development can get to a higher level by develop work for production and export. Idea is that the villages and country can mainly be self maintained and people can stay home without need to get into a refugees life for broader bread. The returning refugees that made highest progress will be the leaders of the development and industrial manufacturing in their country and lead a local progress board.

We are also working with spreading real information about refugees and refugees life. These videos we have here and on our socialmedia is all real videos and non of them is made up. We hope in future to collaborate with others that work in same field.

Project Africa – Refugees is independent from any religion, politics or world NGO organizations. We are not part of any hidden politics like France, USA, China..

We deeply depend of donations and our support members. To finance the project we use distance sales that call businesses in their languages area and sign them up as support members in their requested level. Our volunteers visit businesses and offer businesses to donate or join as support members. Our fundraisers is usually people that have a deep contact network and experience in fundraising. Our ambassadors work online and have broad contact network where they spread our work to.

Do you want to join our distance sales team. We offer best possible commission plan in the market.  Contact us for more information.

Printed version and economical plan here Project Africa org economy plan