Join our Distance sales Team

Project Africa Distance sales is maybe the best work you can get.

We keep up very high standard and want only the best onboard.  Why we are the best, simple look at our compensation plan.

First to ewhat we sale. Project Africa – Refugees work to help Illegal African refugees by educating them to use recycling to develop their home villages and educate others to do the same. After education program these refugees will be returned to their country of origen. This will help them to stay in their country and also help others to stay there by developing food and watter from recycling.

For to finance this we started a distance sales project.  Each distance sales person work as freelance. If you live in Spain we can help you to use IndieProf that sign you up as freelance worker and pay your social security with a minimal commission. If you been autonomo before or do not want to be autonomo and pay autonomo fees Indieprof is the solucion. No autonomo fees at all and you get your social security as normal. You cannot use this if you get any other help like ayuda vital or paro. This was only for Spain. Remember that you can work as Freelance and earn up to minimum in your profession before being autonomo.

What we sale?

We sale support membership to companies and businesses around Europe.  Support members get a commercial space depending of the support members level. Higher level bigger space. Support member also get visibility at our socialmedia pages like Facebook and Twitter. The support member can also get up to 50% discount as + Gold member on JMC Investment solution platform for to echanges crypto to local ( fiat ) currency like USD/EUR for to invest direct in real estate or construction projects. Normally investment providers pay 2000 Euro for to put their property or investment banner on JMC site for to promote that their business collaborate with JMC and cryptocurrency owners can buy any property from them and pay with cryptocurrency. All Project Africa Suppport members from +Gold level get 50% of and diamond level can get for free.

You as Freelance distance sales person get 20% fixed commission and from first day to 7 working day double commission.

You can advance to team leader where you can have up to 50 sales persons to work for you. You get 10% commission from all their sales.

As a team leader you can advance to coordinator where you get 5% of entire org sales.

The membership levels that client pay:

As a support member you publicity on our website, socialmedia and in our activities depending of your support membership level. Higher level more publicity.

Levels and price in EUR/GBP/USD

Bronze level: 1000

Your name on support members page in text format and with link to a page if wanted.

Silver level: 10 000

Your banner or video banner at upper side of support members page.

Gold level: 25 000

Your banner or video banner on down part of all pages but not at front and news page.

Platinum level: 50 000

Your banner or video banner on front page downside, on all page mid part and on our socialmedia pages.

Diamond level: 100 000

Your video banner or video banner on top of all pages and on our socialmedia header top part and in all our email communications and auto responders. As well video interview with the company. The company can in any moment contact us for to give special offer to all viewers Max: ones per month.

Owner level: 1 000 000

Owner level will be member of the board of Project Africa. Will have full rights to vote for changes and make own commercials where wanted for so long it does not disturb our socialmedia or website images or readibility.

These all is one time payment and valid 12 months from joining.

Your commission is paid weekly.

You need to provide your own tools to make the calls.  You need to have access and know how to use Google drive and excel form. We provide you with project africa email address and information to send as well businesses where to call.

Your team managers and coordinators are your sales support.

This is not MLM or network marketing, as sales persomn you cannot bring any people under you to work for you..

If you think you are ready for this then apply..

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