This project starts after Project Africa – Refugees project.

After refugees past our education program they will move back home and start to educate others and develop their area and help others to do the same. Same ex refugees now developers of their country will start to build up agricultural development and other possible industrual development that bring a salary for each one.

Africas poor countries is perfect for to start industrail production.

Few example here.

Issues that many had when invest or develop in Africa is that funds going in wrong hands and do not produce anything more than losses to the investors. Project Africas work is to intent to eliminate risks and so called change of middle people that want upfront payments before anything done.

Africa is known for its metal mining, this make it perfect for electronic manufacturing when the most expensive raw materials is already in the area. Africa offer lots of space for giga and mega factories and also lots of sun for solar and wind energy. There is huge lack of energy and everything that is over produced can be sold direct or indirect to consumers.

We will inform more about this project when we get started with Project Africa – Refugees and we get first proven result leaders into Africa.