Our activity

We have absolut zero economy and no office at this stages but we are still active. 99% of all activity is done by Abdul and Jussi. Abdul inform refugees and other people about our activity. Jussi make all other work like websites, fundraising, information worldwide, talks, distance sales project in benefit for us,and pay for everything, inc: coffees, lunches and dinners with people that is interested to support, join, or do anything to the project. Today during the crisis Jussi cannot give any more support. Jussi work in real estate and real estate business suffered much during the crisis.

Videos is in Spanish because we are in Fuengirola, Spain. We also had meetings in English and Finnish but no one came..

What we done: In Mars 2020 when Covid 19 started Jussi set up a volunteer network from Malaga to Canary Islands. Volunteers taken care of shopping and daily needs for people that could not leave their homes. Jussi was also doing shopping and helping local people in Fuengirola / Mijas area. When mask was obligatory Jussi delivered masks to people around Fuengirola / Mijas area. Summer came and lockdown was lifted. We got 5 volunteers that joined. We started to visit businesses in Fuengirola to inform them about what we do and also ask for support. Thanks to Abdul we came into African callbox centers and delivered some information. We get some meetings with African people and African organizations. Lack of funds keep progresses on hold. We get support from Amir that run a restaurant in the port of Fuengirola. Amir have many years experience from charity works. Here we have meeting with few refugees.  Filming by Jussi, first secretary: Mariangeles and then few of our visitors and then Abdul.

All in our films and photos gived permission to publish the images and videos.

Board meeting with volunteer ( No Sound).

Other of our meetings.

In most cases volunteers told they will come to our infomation meetings but never came. Information meetings can in many languages: Abdul talks Spanish, France, and few African languages. Jussi talks Spanish, English, Finnish, Swedish some Dannish and Norwegian as well.

Project video presentación in Spanish.